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We are one of the best Dental clinics in Mumbai. We offer all types of Dental treatment under one roof some of key advantages we offer are: - we are into Dental care since 1975. - 2000 sq. feet of dental center with 5 individualized dental treatment area. - Fixed appointments are given to minimize patients waiting time. - We are open all days. Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. - Strict sterilization protocol followed to ensure patient's safety.. - We use latest dental materials and equipment to provide international standard dental care.
http://dentistmumbai.in/we-are-one-of-the-best-dental-clinics-in-mumbai. we-offer-all-types-of-dental-treatment-under-one-roof some-of-key-advantages-we-offer-are: -we-are-into-dental-care-since-1975. -2000-sq.-feet-of-dental-center-with-5-individualized-dental-treatment-area. -fixed-appointments-are-given-to-minimize-patients-waiting-time. -we-are-open-all-days.-monday-to-saturday-9-am-to-9-pm ---------------------sunday-10-am-to-6-pm. -strict-sterilization-protocol-followed-to-ensure-patient's-safety.. -we-use-latest-dental-materials-and-equipment-to-provide -international-standard-dental-care./b46
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