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Tooth Decay  Tooth Decay
Tooth Decay Tooth Decay ??? might be in the initial stage….Treat it before it becomes painful…..At Dr. Vora’s Dental Clinic we help you treat all types of Tooth Decay… We specialize in –  Permanent Treatment for all types of Tooth Decay  Removal of Tooth Decay  Stoppage of Initial Tooth Decay visit our website www.drvorasdental.com
Tooth Decay It might be in the initial stage….Treat it before it starts giving you sensitivity or toothache…..At Dr. Vora’s Dental Clinic we help you treat all types of Tooth Decay. We also have advanced dental care decay prevention treatments like teeth sealant and flouride treatment
preventive dental care: pit and fissure sealants are best preventive dental treatment in children. its very simple , comfortable procedure which is highly effective in preventing tooth decay. pit and fissure sealants along with regular fluoride treatment can prevent teeth decay by almost 70-80% in children .
How does Dental fluoride treatment works ? Topical fluorides strengthen teeth that have already erupted into the mouth. As the fluoride washes over the tooth surface, it is incorporated into the outer surface of the tooth, making it more resistant to decay . Tooth enamel crystals that have fluoride are much more resistant to acid produced by decay causing bacteria. to fix up Fluoride treatment appointment you can call on +912225678000.
Tooth Extraction Badly de
Tooth Extraction Badly decayed tooth , Supernumerary (extra) tooth , Over retained deciduous tooth , Malformed tooth ……all these problems have only 1 solution…..EXTRACTION….At Dr. Vora’s Dental Clinic we perform all types of Tooth Extractions…… Call us at – +918425858585, +912225678000 Or visit our website www.drvorasdental.com We specialize in –  Badly decayed tooth extraction  Supernumerary (extra) tooth extraction  Over retained deciduous tooth extraction  Malformed tooth extraction  Surgical 3rd molar extraction  Non-surgical 3rd molar extraction