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A toothache is any pain or soreness within or around a tooth, indicating inflammation and possible infection. Generally a toothache happens if tooth decay penetrated the pulp chamber or is very close to it, which contains the nerves and tiny blood vessels. Ideally for a toothache is to undergo a dental treatment at once.

Reasons for tooth ache:

  • Tooth ache is primarily caused by tooth decay
  • Bacteria flourishes on sugar/starch in food particles inside mouth
  • A sticky plaque is then formed on teeth surface
  • The bacteria in the plaque produces acid
  • This acid erodes the enamel or hard covering of the teeth
  • This creates a cavity
  • The first sign of tooth decay is tooth ache
  • This occurs on eating something very cold/very hot/sweet
  • Tooth ache can also be caused by injury/trauma
  • Tooth ache can occur in children and adult

  • Pain in the tooth radiates to jaw, cheek, ear 
    • Pain while chewing 
    • Increased sensitivity to hot/cold things 
    • Swelling in the jaw 
    • Discharge/Bleeding from tooth or gums  

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