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There is now considerable debate surrounding the use of mercury amalgam fillings which are unsightly, causes mercury toxicity and fail to strengthen teeth weaken by decay. The result is that many dentist and patients prefer mercury free alternatives. Tooth color filling composites are the best materials for restoring small regions of decay in most teeth. Often called White fillings (To distinguish them from dark amalgam) these materials produce very good cosmetic results. The most popular kind of ‘white filling‘ is called a Composite filling. It is made up of a composite quartz resin (glass and porcelain) and usually contains some sort of light sensitive agent that is used during curing. They are an attractive, durable alternative to silver (amalgam) fillings. In the past, white fillings were placed only on front teeth, but recently these newer composite materials have been specifically designed to be able to survive the pressure of grinding when you chew.  These light cured composites are best looking and in most cases they can be inserted in one appointment.

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