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This section is for people who want to know more about replacing missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth can radically improve a person’s smile and the shape of their face. As well as boosting self-esteem, there are important dental health benefits too. This section describes some options for replacing missing teeth.

Having gaps where teeth are missing affects the way the rest of the teeth bite together. The remaining teeth may tilt and drift into the gaps, and food can be trapped in the spaces, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease. All of this shifting, drifting and wear will lead to changes in the bite and potentially, further tooth loss. The remaining dentition, with fewer teeth, is more susceptible to excessive functional stresses and tooth wear. Furthermore, the jawbone tends to atrophy or, ‘shrink’, as a result of tooth loss. Ultimately, your ability to chew comfortably and your appearance may be affected.

There are usually three options:

  1. Removable partial dentures / complete dentures – removable plastic or metal plates carrying artificial teeth.
  2. Fixed bridges – artificial teeth cemented onto adjacent natural teeth.
  3. Implants– metal “pegs” attached to the jawbone, with dentures or bridges clipped or screwed on top.

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