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Blood seems to be seeping up around the gum line after a meal

You have gum disease! And you are not alone – almost 80% of the adult population has some form of this insidious disease.

The reason this disease is so persistent and dangerous is that it secretly eats away at your gums – from the inside!

Gum disease is caused by bacteria that penetrate into the area between the gums and the teeth, the so-called Perio Pockets. These dangerous bacteria literally eat away gum tissue often creating open wounds that are hidden below the gum line. They also create smelly by-products and pus in the perio pockets.

Bacteria in the Perio Pockets have even been shown to enter into the blood stream through these hidden wounds and circulate throughout the body. There are literally hundreds of reports of infections and serious problems caused by the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease.

Examples: endocarditis/heart disease, premature birth/low birth weight, hypertension, hair loss, etc.

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