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“We treat We care , Since 1975” Welcome to one of the Mumbai’s leading dental practices. Even before you step into our practice you will see that this is no ordinary practice. Ours is a state of the art practice with an emphasis on excellence in dentistry. At our dental practice we combine years of professional experience together with the latest technology, treatment approaches and techniques. We are in to dental services from more than 40 years now, Dr. Hiralal vora was one of the pioneers to start multi-specialty dental care in the mulund, upcoming suburb of Central Mumbai [ Bombay ] , way back in 1975. PATIENTS SATISFACTION IS OUR MOTTO Dr. Vora’s dental care is a centre for specialty dental treatment, where we provide all kind of dental treatment under one roof along with on going follow-up care Safety At Dr. Vora’s dental care we don’t make any sort of compromise in quality of cross infection control. We have best sterilization equipment and materials, and use the disposable instruments wherever possible. Quality At Dr. Vora’s dental care , we take great care in choosing the best kind of materials & equipment to maintain utmost quality in providing dental treatments. Staying on the Leading Edge of Dentistry “Every year, there are new innovations in dentistry — advances which can make dental care more comfortable, more attractive, and longer-lasting. To stay informed, and make sure you benefit from the latest in dentistry, We take more than 100 hours of continuing education each year. As your dentist, we are dedicated to helping your smile last a lifetime. To make this possible, we use leading-edge dentistry and the latest materials. But we also use something more — personal, one-on-one care. That means really listening to you, explaining everything about your care, and making sure you get dental care that’s just right for your needs.” Advantages of Dental Treatment : In Dental Health care service since 1975. All kind of Dental treatment under one roof. Highest level of sterilization maintained for patient’s Safety. Latest State of the art Dental Equipment and materials Computerized Medical & Dental Record maintenance. Audio Visual Oral Health Education. Multi-Linguistic Friendly Clinic Staff. Patients treated on appointment basis. Credit Cards accepted for payments. Clinic open on Sundays Mission Statement – Our goal is to provide each and every patient with an incredible experience under enjoyable and caring environment that far exceeds his/her expectations of what a dental practice is like. We strive to make our dental practice unique by providing outstanding clinical skills, exceptional patient service, leading edge dental technology, materials and equipment and all within an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and relaxed. Indian dentistry at its best at Dr. Vora’s dental care. The goal of our enthusiastic and dedicated staff is to: Create extremely satisfied patients with wonderful smiles and excellent bites. Earn raving and confident patient referrals of friends and family. Provide excellence in dental care with the best proven techniques. What we believe is that a beautiful smile can brighten your life and that strong teeth and gums are essential to your overall good health. Dr. Vora & his team are ready to give you and your family the quality dental care you deserve. Dr. Darshan VoraDr. Darshan Vora. Dr. Darshan is an Alumni of Dr. D.Y. Patil Dental College, navi mumbai, He completed his Bachelors in Dental Surgery in year 1998. He is proprietor of Dr. Vora’s Dental Care clinic. It’s empanelled with IHO- Indian health organization, Health spring and Apollo-Munich Insurance for cash less dental treatment. He is an esteemed member of IDA (Indian dental association) and ICOI, international congress of Oral Implantologist (USA )and also a consultant Dental surgeon and Implantologist at renowned Jupiter hospital, Thane. He has a special interest in cosmetic & Implant dentistry, as he strongly advocates the philosophy of Preventive & aesthetic dental treatment. Dr. Naman VoraDr. Naman Vora Dr. Naman Vora has done specialization (MDS) with Gold Medal in orthodontics i.e. Braces treatment after completing his bachelors’ degree in Dentistry(BDS) in 2001.He is a member of Indian Orthodontic Society and Bombay orthodontic study group since 2006 . He is also “Incognito” specialist (Lingual Invisible Braces , USA) and has been trained in Clear aligner teeth alignment. (smile enhancement without Braces ) He truly believes that Braces can unlock the power of your smile. He has attended many workshops and conferences on orthodontics and is well versed in the newer techniques involved in braces treatment and related sciences. He has done paper presentation in international orthodontic conference in 2010, Hong Kong, which got published in International orthodontic journal ” Beyond Boundaries , vol 1,2010″ Presently he is Specialist orthodontist at “Dr. Vora’s Dental care ” and consulting Orthodontist in 35 Private dental clinics across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. He is also Consultant Orthodontist at Jupiter Hospital, Thane. Dr. Roshan ShettyDr. Roshan Shetty Dr. Roshan is an endodontist ( Root canal specialist) . He has done his masters (MDS) in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad in 2009. Since then he is practicing only Endodontics . Dr. Parag KasarDr Parag Kasar Dr Parag Kasar is a kids specialist who has done his post graduation (MDS) from Nair Hospital and Dental college [Mumbai] in year 2007. He is extremely calm and deals with all the kid patients with so much maturity and love that even the most apprehensive of the children become his ardent fan and look forward for their dental treatment. Dr. Shreyas Shah Dr. Shreyas Shah is an Oral Medicine and Radiologist and Dentist and has an experience of 10 years in these fields. He has completed BDS from RDC Dental College,Loni in 2006 and MDS – Oral Diagnosis and Dental Radiology from KLE Society Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore in 2011.His specialty is in diagnosing uncommon oral disease and Oral cancer diagnosis and its treatment planning Dr. Sherin Tresa Dr. Sherin Tresa is an alumni of MGM Dental College, Navi Mumbai. She completed her BDS in the year 2010 and has been associated with Dr. Vora’s Dental Care since then. Dr. Vora's Dental Clinic has expertise in following treatments 1 Dentist 2 Dental Surgeons 3 Orthodontist  4 Pedodontist 5 Dental X Ray Centre 6 Paediatric Dentistry 7 Oral Surgeon  8 Prosthodontist  9 Periodontist 10 Implantologist 11 Endodontist 12 Maxillofacial Surgeon 13 Oral Maxillofacial 14 Gums Specialist 15 Root Canal Doctor 16 Dental Stemcell Bank 17 Invisible Dental Braces  18 Doctors For Invisible Braces 19 Invisalign 20 Orthodontist Doctors For Clear Aligners 21 Lingual Orthodontist 22 24 Hours Dentist 23 Smile Improving Technique 24 Braces Fitting 25 Gummy smile correction 26 Braces specialist 27 Wisdom tooth surgeon 28 Dental OPG in mulund 29 Comfortable braces  30 Dental implant specialist 31 Smile makeover 32 Smile correction  33 Invisible braces  34 Kids Dental specialist 35 Kids dentist 36 Bad breadth treatment  37 Halitosis treatment  38 Dental veeners / veneers 39 Ceramic braces specialist 40 Metal braces in mulund 41 Crystal braces  42 Crocked teeth correction 43 Tongue thrust correction 44 Thumb sucking habit 45 Tooth Space maintainer 46 Teeth fluoride treatment 47 Dental sealant 48 Cavity filling 49 Dental filling  50 Composite filling 51 Dental braces cost 52 Dental Implant cost 53 Smile enhancement cost 54 Smile enhancement treatment  55 Bleeding gums  56 Pyorrhea treatment 57 Mouth ulcer  58 Oral cancer treatment 59 Cleft lip and palate specialist  60 Orthognathic treatment 61 Face lift surgery 62 Face botox treatment 63 Plastic surgery 64 Double chin treatment 65 Botox treatment 66 Oral lesion  67 Burning mouth treatment 68 Mouth breathing 69 Night grinding  70 Bruxism treatment 71 TMJ pain 72 Pain in jaw joint 73 Headache treatment  74 Wisdom tooth pain 75 Night guard 76 Sports mouth guard 77 Tooth replacement 78 Denture 79 Fixed denture 80 Ceramic teeth 81 Composite filling 82 Dental retainers  83 Fixed retainers  84 Removable retainers 85 Tooth colour filling 86 Tooth jewellary 87 Dental jewellary 88 Cosmetic dentisrty 89 Teeth whitening 90 Power whitening 91 One hour whitening 92 Braces care 93 Types of braces  94 Braces emergency 95 Advanced braces  96 Speed braces  97 Mouthwash for braces  98 Milk teeth treatment 99 Nursing bottle cavity 100 Baby bottle syndrome 101 First dental check up 102 Pit and fissure sealant 103 Tooth sensitivity 104 Teeth sensitivity 105 Bleeding gums 106 Tooth ache 107 Tooth extraction 108 Surgical extraction 109 Wisdom tooth surgery 110 Wisdom tooth problem 111 Pericoronitis 112 Tooth abcess 113 Tooth pus 114 Pain on chewing  115 Teeth sensitivity with hot 116 Teeth sensitivity with cold 117 Dental enamel 118 Hypersensitivity to cold 119 Hypersensitivity to hot 120 Dental nerve 121 Dental cleaning 122 Teeth stains  123 Tobacco stains treatment 124 Cigarette stains  125 Teeth cleaning  126 Teeth polishing  127 Teeth scaling 128 Dental cleaning 129 Fixed teeth 130 Diastema treatment 131 Spacing in teeth 132 Protruding teeth 133 Broken tooth 134 Trauma to teeth 135 Full mouth rehabilitation 136 Biological dentist 137 Whitening toothpaste 138 Teeth bleaching 139 Teeth whitening 140 Receding gums  141 Black gums  142 Jaw swelling 143 Swollen gums  144 Best fluoride toothpaste 145 Best kids toothpaste 146 Tooth/teeth injury 147 Single sitting root canal 148 Single visit root canal 149 Snoring treatment 150 Mouth breadthing 151 Jaw growth issue 152 Small jaw correction 153 Impacted tooth 154 Sleep apnea treatment 155 Surgical correction for snoring 156 Surgical correction for sleep apnea 157 Missing teeth/ tooth 158 Night grinding 159 Morning headache 160 Clicking sound in jaw 161 Damon braces  162 Self ligating braces 163 Lingual invisible braces 164 Tooth/teeth Implant 165 Jaw fracture 166 Jaw tumor 167 Chipped tooth 168 Single visit implant 169 Dry mouth treatment 170 Teething symptoms 171 Gum pigmentation treatment 172 Brushing technique 173 How to brush  174 Clove oil for tooth pain relief 175 Home remedies for tooth pain 176 Home remedies for teeth whitening 177 Home remedies for bleeding gums  178 Home remedies for bad breath  179 Home remedies for teeth sensitivity 180 Shining teeth dentist 181 Dental specialist  182 Difficult tooth extraction specialist  183 Behind tooth extraction specialist  184 Good dental clinic in Mulund 185 Smart dentist in Mulund  186 Best Dental clinic in Mulund  187 Ceramic braces specialist  188 Dento- Orthopedic specialist  189 Maxillofacial surgery specialist  190 Full mouth rehabilitation specialist  191 Full mouth crown specialist  192 Gum surgery 193 Fluoride application in children 194 Cleaning teeth in children 195 Black teeth in children  196 Tooth advice in children 197 Incognito braces  198 Invisaline dentist 199 Dental ozone therapy 200 Clear aligners dentist 201 Aligner dentist 202 Fixed retainer 203 Removable retainer 204 Lingual retainer 205 Gaps in teeth 206 Total dental care 207 Best dental clinic dr-rutujaDr. Rutuja Punde Dr. Rituja Is Alumini Of YMT Dental College,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She Completed Her Graduation In 2012. She Has Also Done Clinical Assistant-ship In GDC, Mumbai In 2013. She Is An Associate Dentist at Dr. Vora’S Dental Care She Is Dedicated To Excellence…Dedicated To Your Smile Dr. Maya NairDr. Maya Nair Dr.Maya Is An Alumni Of MGM Dental College And Hospital, Navi Mumbai.She Completed Her BDS In Year 2012. She Is A Member Of Indian Dental Association. She Is An Associate Dentist In Dr.Vora’S Dental Care. She Aims To Make A Smile That Comes For Free Worth Through Her Skills In Aesthetic, Restorative, Preventive, Kid’S Dentistry And Rotary Endodontics.
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